What do I need?
All you need is an internet connection and a TV. That’s it! All devices have WIFI built-in and most also include a LAN connection for Ethernet cable.

How does it work?
The media box streams everything through your internet connection to your TV. It uses software which we install for you to make watching TV possible.

Do I have to pay anything extra?
NO, there are no fees, no subscriptions to watch TV. All content is free! Never pay for TV again! There are premium apps (add-ons), like NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, and there are others, that you can pay for.

This device is a one time cost of $135.00!!!

If you have an existing Fire TV Stick or Android Box, I can upgrade that for $80.00!!!

Why choose Cut Cable Cost?
It’s simple, we only sell the best devices, we always install the latest software and the most important part, we custom install every box with our custom setup. Our install and setup inside the software are what makes us better than the competition.

Can I watch Movies still in the theaters?
Yes you can. As soon as a movie is released it is generally available to view, sometimes you can watch movies before they get released.
Some movies that are released, are only in CAM version.  This means that they were videotaped in the theater, but some are in HD.  If the one you are looking for is in CAM, it will most likely be available soon in HD.  You just have to keep checking.

How long will it take to get, after I order?
You should get your order in 5-7 days, if not sooner. We use USPS mail for all US orders which includes a tracking number once shipped.  Delivery is 5-7 days depending on your location. International delivery varies by location from 7 days – 2 weeks.

What TV channels Can I watch?
You can almost watch any channel for free! ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, HBO, Stars, Showtime, AMC, CNN, Fox news, HGTV, BBC, ESPN, Fox sports, Sky, Bravo, TBS, Food Network, Bravo and many more….There are thousands of LIVE TV stations available including international TV from all around the globe.
There are also LIVE Sports channels as well and you will be able to watch any NBA, NFL, NHL, Professional Baseball, College Games, or any sporting event, with our device.
There are also many popular TV series, like the show POWER and many other shows or series you can find.  Having this device, is like having On Demand, without the monthly costs!

What International languages are available?
There are LIVE international TV stations from all over the globe including movies in almost any language. French, German, Spanish, Mexican, Italian, Portuguese, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Russian, etc…..

Can I cut my cable or get rid of the satellite company?
Absolutely! With our media boxes and setup, you’ll never have to pay for TV again.
In addition to cutting cable, you can also purchase an HD Antenna from a store like Walmart, to watch your local channels in HD quality.  I have one and I can get up to 60 local channels for FREE!  The antenna only costs $13.00.

How to stop KODI from buffering when watching movies or LIVE TV programs
Go to Add-Ons and click
From the submenu, choose Program Add-Ons and click
Go to Ares Wizard and click
Will take a little while for the app to come up (Be Patient)
Go to Tweats and click on it
Scroll down to the Advanced Settings Wizard, and click on it
Click Next
Click Generate Settings
Click Apply these settings
Click OK
Click Home on remote to restart KODI

You can also do the following:

While in KODI, go to ADD-ONS and click on that

Go to PLAYER from the main menu and click on that

From the left, go to Settings and change whatever is there to Advanced, by depressing the Enter button on your remote.  It is the button that is in the center of the directional circular ring.

Once you have made that selection, go to Videos, which is directly under the setting you changed to Advanced.

Once Videos is highlighted, go to the right and go down Enable HQ scalers for scaling above and change the default of 20% to 80%, by depressing the Enter button.  You can tweak this even more, if you need to regarding buffering.

Then scroll down to Allow hardware acceleration – MediaCodec (Surface) and de-enable that.

Then scroll down to Allow hardware acceleration – MediaCodec and de-enable that.

Now you need to depress the circular arrow until you have the ADD-ONS menu at the very top highlighted, and click on that.

Then highlight and click on MY ADD-ONS.

Then find VIDEOPLAYER INPUTSTREAM and click on that.

Then click on INPUTSTREAM ADAPTIVE and that is off by default.  This needs to be enabled, so choose and and click on the button to enable, if it is not already enabled.

How to fix the firestick device or Android Box, if they are not working properly
Sometimes the device may freeze, may get sluggish or you may experience some other issue.  The following instructions, will probably resolve any issues:
From the home page, go up to the main menu, and scroll over to Settings and click on that
Scroll over to “Device” and click on that
Scroll down to “Restart” and click on that
A confirmation window will pop up. Click on “Restart”
It will then proceed to restart your Amazon Fire Stick

If the Android Box become sluggish, simply unplug from power and then plug backup.

How to stop KODI from kicking you out, while watching LIVE video, movies, etc.
Go to Add-Ons, and click on that
Go to Player, and click on that
When the next window comes up, go to settings and change Basic to Advance
In the same area, go to Videos
From there, go to Allow hardware acceleration – MediaCodec (Surface).  Note:  This may have something different after Allow hardware acceleration, but if you see Allow hardware acceleration, that is what you want to choose
When you find that, disable what is already selected
The problem will be fixed

How to watch any NFL game, NBA game, NCAA game or MLB game

Go to the Football, Basketball, NCAA or MLB icon and click on that.

There may be ads that come up.  Simply click any close buttons or click any “X’s” in the top left or right, or use the back arrow to get back to the football listings.

Choose either one of the blue buttons to view the game.  The MX Player is the best choice, but HD1 and HD2 or good also.  If one doesn’t work, just try another blue button.

There will be a add that appears in the front of the video player and it will have a countdown until that add can disappear.