GETTING STARTED and cut your cable cost forever, for just $135.00!!!  This is a one time cost!!!

The below instructions will assist you in the setup process:

Amazon Firestick flash screen will come up
It will start looking for the remote
Click the Home button to pair
Then press the Play button on the remote
Choose the language with the remote, by clicking the enter button in the middle of the circle
It will start scanning for networks
Find your network and enter your Wifi password
A keypad will appear on the screen for you to enter the password
The circle around the middle enter button is also direction keys, so use that to find the letters/numbers you want, and then depress the middle button to select your choices
When you are done, click the Connect button on the on screen keypad
You will see connection successful, once that is established
You now need to Register your firestick or Create an Account. This would be with
If you already have an account, simply click the Register button, if you don’t click the Create an Account button
These instructions will be geared toward, if you already have an Amazon account. If not, follow the steps after you click the Create an Account button
Click the Register button
Type in your Amazon Login ID
Click the Next button
Type in your password
Click the SIGN IN button
It will start the process, until it gives you the success
Then it will have a button to continue as your account name or a button underneath that to change my account
Choose Yes, continue as “Name”, by clicking that button
It will ask if you want to save your password to Amazon or not
Make your choice and click that button
The next screen will ask if you want to enable parental controls or not. Make your choice.
A tutorial video will appear. If you want to skip the tutorial, you can keep depressing the right of the circle, until it gets to the end
You will then be brought to the interface, where you can make choices of what you want to see.


KODI allows you to view items, that are not on the basic Amazon Firestick setup.  The following information will give you a lot of different things you can view on KODI plus much much more.

If you are opening KODI for the first time and can’t find the link in recent, please follow the instructions below:

Scroll down to the “YOUR APPS & GAMES” section and scroll all the way to the right and find “See All”, and click on that.

Look for the KODI blue logo with a K in the middle, and click on that.

If you don’t see it from the above, do the following:

Go to Settings and click on it.
Go to Applications and click on it.
Scroll down to Manage Installed applications and click on it.
Scroll to Kodi and click on it.
Click on Launch Application.
After you have done either of the above, it will be in the RECENT section.

The below is what you will get from buying the device from Cut Cable Costs:

No Limits:  Allows you to watch LIVE TV, movies that are in the theater or any movies you want, On Demand TV shows, Sports or LIVE sports, and much much more.

When No Limits loads, it updates add-ons automatically, and it can sometimes take longer to complete, so be patient until it finishes.  When it is done, you will be able to navigate with no issues.Whenever you click on any main menu, you will get sub-menus.

Genesis Reborn:  This is an add-on that allows you to watch all types of movies.  Once you have logged into KODI, go to “Add-Ons”, then choose “Video Add-Ons”, then choose “Genesis Reborn”

Elysium:   This is an add-on that allows you to watch all types of movies

Sports:  You will find the LIVE Sports link and many other sports link

Add-Ons:  Go to Video Add-Ons and from there you will find “Pro Sport” and “Sports Devil”.  Those 2 are the add-ons, that will allow you to watch LIVE sporting events.  There are so many other sports links throughout SpinzTV Entertainment area.

MOBDRO: Lots of sports channels to find there

CCLOUD TV:  Go to “All Channels”.  From there here is just a few of what you can watch:  ESPN, FX, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, Fresh Prince of Bel Air Channel (24/7), ABC, American Horror Story Channel, Animated Movies, Batman 1966 TV Channel, Bravo TV Channel, Breaking Bad, Friends 24/7, Nickelodeon, and much much more!

NEWS CHANNELS:  You can watch LIVE news by states!  Click on the Goodfellas – Local News By State link and you will be able to see any live news from any state of your choice.

IMPORTANT:  You must be very patient, when looking for streaming links to anything.  Sometimes they will come up automatically, and sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes it may take a while to find a good streaming link.

These are all streaming links that are coming from servers (not my servers).  With that being said, you will run into issues where a stream may not work, so you just have to keep trying until you find one that will.

I have had a device myself, since Oct 2016 and have not looked back yet.  I love it!!!