How to change Amazon accounts

You can de-register any account and put your new account in without loosing any data. this is good if you want to sell or give your device to someone else. All files will remain and not be deleted.

How to Get More add-ons

An easy and simple way to get more addons for beginners, using 3 separate methods. Follow the video and you can easily add more or customize your device.

Aptoide TV Add-On

In case you guys didn’t know, Aptoide has an Android Smart TV (and Android set-top box) version called Aptoide TV. Aptoide TV brings you an app store that offers content with a rich user experience, optimized for the larger screen devices, such as high-definition televisions.

I load this on the FireSticks!


MOBDRO is a tool that constantly looks for free video streams available on the web and makes them accessible on your mobile device.

I load this on the FireSticks!

Fix KODI Kickouts

If you have issues where you are watching LIVE TV or movies and you get kicked out of KODI totally, then this video is for you.  It will eliminate that issue.

I do this fix on all FireSticks!

Reduce Buffering

Doing what is described in the video, will help reduce

I do this fix on the FireSticks!